Beautiful Soul,

Do you ever ask:

Why am I on this earth?

What is the reason for my existence?

What is the work that I’m here to do?

I was asking those questions to myself everyday.

I was living a life that looked great on paper: I had an MBA, a big-deal career, two babies, a wonderful husband...but I was seeking a life with deeper meaning. I wanted to do something that mattered. Something important. But I couldn’t figure out what that was.


I questioned if I really had a purpose here on earth...or if any of us really did.

I was scared to know the answer.

What if it meant a drastic change? What if I lost everything? What if someone got hurt by me seeking my purpose?

And then I got sick of living in that muck of wondering - literally sick.

Multiple Sclerosis showed up. My body was tired of my churning mind - it was screaming for me to find my purpose.

MS interrupts signals to the nerves…my brain would tell my legs to move, but my legs wouldn’t get the message.

In a dark moment on the floor, I asked God to show me what I was supposed to do with this. With the disease, the disability, the disappointment….all of it.

Was there more for me? Or, was this going to be the beginning of the end of me?

That began a deep spiritual journey.

I took one small step – figuratively and literally – towards healing. I saw an opportunity to find my divine path. I opened myself to possibilities.

One small step, one open moment, then another.

I became very curious about God, and longed for answers.

I enrolled in seminary with lots of questions. I didn’t get all of the answers, but I found my soul. I found my calling. I found happiness. I  learned what it meant to connect to my soul. Now I want to help you find yours.

Your soul was created for purpose, on purpose. 

The struggles you have today may be because you lost sight of your soul.

We can do this soul-seeking together - you and me. Everyday I’m learning more, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

And here’s the thing…

The world needs your unique soul offering of love. Your genes, experiences, education, circumstances, dreams, talents, gifts, and ideas are what we have all been waiting for! I’m here to remind you that you have a divine assignment, that you have to feed your soul, and that deep sustainable happiness is within your reach. I’m here to teach, support, and love you into being the YOU that you were created to be!

We are doing life together, and I want to encourage and inspire you to step into all that you are here to be.

With so much love,


PS - I have a history of living with a raging inner critic in my head! I have studied deeply the psychology and theology of this and I am ready to help you quiet the critic and thrive!

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