Compassion for our LGBTQ Friends

Compassion for our LGBTQ Friends

In seminary, one of the most profound things I learned was the view some Native Americans had of LGBTQ members of their tribes.

A masculine woman or a feminine man was seen as a chosen one by the Great Spirit. They were gifted traits from both genders so that they could relate to all persons in the tribe. Known as “Two-Spirits,” they were revered among the tribe. They were elevated as wise counsel.

Two-Spirits could speak the language of both men and women, they had insights others lacked, and empathy greater than most. They were often gifted healers and wisdom guides for the tribe.

Author Will Roscoe has published multiple books on this topic, and in his research found similar traditions of reverence in many indigenous cultures. It appears that those human ancestors of ours honored and revered differences more than we do today.

What if we approached everyone today as a gift of potential rather than focusing on what they lack or how they are different from us?

What if we listened to one another with open eyes and hearts to learn a new perspective?

What if we stopped judging and began to look at all people through eyes of love?

Imagine the possibilities if we could see each other as God sees us: whole and fully gifted for our purpose of contributing love to one another in our own unique way.

Every human has a soul that is God given, pure love, and light within.

In the days ahead, look for that light within other humans. Look past exteriors, mannerisms, decisions, doctrines, labels, and judgments. Look deeper into the soul.

We are each created by love, as love, for love. Let’s believe in our potential and imagine the possibilities of what love can do among us, and through us.

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