Compassion Fixes Everything

  • Practicing mindfulness and self-compassion is the secret to living authentically, having clarity in decision making, and finding a sense of inner peace. Gaining a higher consciousness of compassion makes for a kinder gentler world, and it starts with each of us applying the tools Ginger teaches.

  • Your audience will gain awareness that humans are hard-wired for compassion, yet most of us are better at showing others compassion than showing ourselves compassion.

  • Participants will become aware of the harsh inner critic in our minds that beats us up and leaves us exhausted, afraid, and uncreative.

  • Throughout the talk, they will experiment with tools for practicing self compassion and leave with a toolbox of ideas so that they are equipped to deal with stress, fear, and resistance.

  • This is an interactive talk that will be customized to your audience’s challenges and needs. The teachings are based in clinical research and human experience. Hearing this talk opens the participants to seeing themselves as lovable, capable, and deserving of encouragement from within. Your group will feel inspired, equipped, and renewed to see their negative thinking in a new and constructive way.

Knowing Your Divine Assignment

  • This talk uses the research of Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey as a foundation to map our own call to adventure. With examples from epic literary pieces and Biblical call stories, the participant can find themselves in each story as the characters face fear, self-doubt, feeling they lack resources, questioning their purpose, and facing setbacks.

  • Participants will feel inspired to consider what their purpose is in their current chapter of life. They will learn to tune into courage as they map their own journeys to the characters in literature and scripture.

  • This talk is introspective and provides material for the participant to continue thinking about long after the talk is finished. They will uncover their own fears and resistances in taking life to a new level of adventure and exploration. They will find courage in learning techniques for overcoming their fears. They will notice that they have multiple divine assignments over the course of their life and leave encouraged to take a leap of faith into something new they feel pulled or nudged to do.

Be Still and Know

  • This talk addresses our universal human struggle to be quiet and trust that we can find inner peace.

  • Participants will learn breathing practices to find a sense of calm. They will learn mindfulness practices to quiet our racing minds. And, self-compassion tools to process the feelings that arise when we are still and quiet.

  • This talk is interactive as we share benefits and challenges of quieting our minds. Participants will become more aware of their thoughts and tools for training their minds to quiet. They will understand their resistances and learn skills to overcome these challenges.

  • Participants will practice guided meditations during the talk and take away tools so that they feel equipped to practice on their own.

Permission to Scream at God

  • This talk is helpful for those experiencing grief or chronic illness. This topic works best with groups of 12-15 participants so that context can be shared conversation can occur. The talk is structured around three stages of suffering - being in a pit of life, climbing out of the pit, and looking back at the pit.

  • Participants will learn compassion practices to apply to themselves in moments of suffering and those they know who are suffering.

  • For those in the pit of acute suffering, they will find tools for managing self-pity, addressing hopelessness, and feeling permission to questions “why me?” and feel angry at God. Psalms are used as evidence for human expression of pain toward God and the shared human experience of feeling abandoned.

  • For those climbing out of the pit, they will explore the concept of surrender, understand agency of how much we do ourselves and how much we accept help, and appreciate how slow the climb can be with progress and setbacks, but hope always.

  • For those who are now out of a pit of life, they will gain an appreciation for honoring their pain, acknowledging wisdom gained from the pit, and exploring how to use this wisdom from experience to help others.

  • This talk is filled with hope and encouragement while being spiritual and practical to the suffering we all endure through out our lives.