Think Bigger

Think Bigger

As Christians celebrate Easter this week, let's open to seeing how Jesus challenged us to think bigger. 

In Mark’s version of the gospel, he portrays the disciples as followers who continue to miss the point of who Jesus really is. They keep trying to understand miracles, healings, visions, and teachings within their frame of reference, but it is just too narrow to honor what they are really witnessing. 

As I read of their foibles, I keep thinking Jesus is going to take them by the shoulders and say, “You are missing the big picture! You are thinking too small!!” But instead, he offers illustrations, parables, questions, and nudges them toward their own realizations. 

When they ask which one of us is greater….

I think, between the lines, Jesus was saying: Think Bigger.

When they ask about the rules and laws…

Think bigger.

When they are witnessing the cross...

Think bigger.

Think Bigger

Name what you struggle with, and then think bigger. Allow God-sized solutions and broader perspectives fill your mind and heart. 

Afraid of change? Imagine the possibilities and think bigger.

Feeling stuck by a problem? Think bigger than the problem.

Judging others?  Think bigger and see them as a soul. 

Protecting your own interests? Think bigger to the greater good.

Frustrated with people? Think bigger.

Only one right way? Think bigger. 

Will I have enough? Think bigger. 

Is death the end? Think bigger.

How many times do I have to forgive? Think bigger.

We all tend to think small at times and stress over trying to control the outcome. What if we imagined the possibilities of how great it could be? What if we can't even imagine the amazing upside? What if something greater is at work beyond our imaginations?

Let this week's practice of thinking bigger liberate you from fear. Step into the possibilities and release control. 

To those celebrating Easter, find yourself in the story and allow God to infuse you with hope. Are you at the cross, in the three day wait, or seeing the resurrection? Where ever you are in your journey, imagine the possibilities ahead! 
Uncertain what to do next? Think bigger. 

Do they like me? Think bigger.

What is my purpose? Think bigger.

Who am I?

Who am I?

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