Snow Globes

Snow Globes

August is a hot month in most US cities. So, I think it is a good time to think about snow.

I also think this week's practice may be a good one for our racing minds full of fear as our nation experiences chaos on so many levels.

Anxiety in the US is running high in even the healthiest of brains. It makes sense that we are afraid. In these circumstances, finding a sense of inner peace becomes more challenging, but also more important than ever to contribute love and compassion to a hurting nation.


A shaken snow globe can become imagery for us to observe the flurry of thoughts when we are feeling anxious.

When you feel this flurry of thoughts, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Imagine that your racing thoughts are quietly falling to the ground like the flakes of snow.

As you try to quiet your mind and a thought appears, observe that it is just a thought. Allow that thought to drift downward.


Imagine that your mind is getting more clear as the intrusive thoughts drift away. With each deep breath, image the flurry of thoughts falling to the ground and out of your mind.

After a snowfall, the quiet is palpable. Snowfall dampens the noise around us. The details and edges of things become covered in a blanket of peace.

Connect with this feeling to bring yourself a sense of calm.

My son keeps this snow globe of Cincinnati on his bookshelf as a reminder of where he was born. But, it also reminds him that he can manage his racing mind and is equipped to bring himself a sense of calm. Just as the snow globe settles down into clarity, he can help his mind do the same.

We all need tools to help us in this time where safety, stability, and peace seem to be shaken daily. Here are some links to help if you want tools for: staying present in the moment, being kind to yourself,
a prayer of compassion, and most importantly deep breathing.

Sending you love,

Sending Love

Sending Love