what exactly is compassion?

By definition, compassion is sympathy and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. It's showing kindness and care to others, and being willing to help.

What would happen if we reframed this definition? What if we turned it back on ourselves?

Imagine this...

"Compassion is showing sympathy and concern for yourself. It's offering kindness and care to yourself, and being willing to help, encourage and stand up for yourself."

Self-compassion is what this is, and it's vital to living a happy and fulfilling life!

Your mind...

is a vast world that longs to be understood and explored. It's full of complexity and personality. An exploration of your inner space leads to greater self-awareness, constructive self-talk, and the practice of self-compassion.


is a powerful symbol of love, emotion, wisdom, spirituality and bravery. Following and listening to it gives you the opportunity to live abundantly, adventurously, and without fear.

What would happen if you used both your heart and your mind to tune into your best self? To become your own cheerleader? To find your purpose and chase after it wholeheartedly?

THIS is the Compassion Fix.

With one-on-one coaching and a variety of self-driven practices, you can connect more deeply with your soul. You can find your purpose. You can discover the beauty and power behind self-talk, self-awareness and self-compassion.

By working with the Compassion Fix program, you can expect education, resource recommendations, and practical next steps for you to feel inspired and equipped to make the big changes or small adjustments your soul is calling you to make. You can experience change - mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Are you ready to step in?