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If you need a speaker, here are a few examples of what Ginger teaches. Or if you want to gather a group of friends and have Ginger facilitate a discussion about our inner critics and practicing self-compassion, she loves doing this in homes, churches, and schools. Fill out the contact form below and we will get the ball rolling!

Ginger delivers inspirational talks, conducts workshops, leads discussion panels, and would love to work with you!

She brings her business experience and her seminary experience together to deliver heart-centered, engaging, credible, and authentic talks. 

Practicing Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

Ginger will provide a 20-30 minute introduction to mindful living and practicing self-compassion. She describes how the evolved brain is wired to need love, how mindfulness is the key to career and relationship success, and how self-compassion is fundamental to showing compassion to others. 

If you know anyone asking these questions, then this talk is for them! 

  • If I’m so successful, why am I so unhappy?

  • Why do I never feel it is enough – having enough, doing enough, giving enough??

  • Why do I ruin everything I attempt to do?

  • I have noticed a pattern of self-sabotage, why do I keep doing that to myself??

  • Why can’t I be authentic in certain environments?

Ginger provides many tools to implement immediately. The talk will involve small group discussion and individual introspection. Participants will leave this talk equipped with tools they practiced in the workshop and are ready to apply in their lives! 

Fear and Trust: Lessons from a Cattle Drive

In this talk, Ginger shares how skepticism keeps us from living into our full potential. She describes how growing up on her grandparents’ cattle ranch helped her see how cattle and people live in fear of moving to greener pastures.

  • How to recognize you are stuck in a rut and it is time to move to greener pastures

  • Why getting curious gives you courage and how to manage your resistance

  • How to keep our maverick mind quiet (the one that wants to run away) and the key to knowing when to take a leap of faith

  • The real secret that blocks our potential and exactly what to do about it

After this talk, participants will be inspired to lead lives and organizations with courage, find their unique life purpose and calling, become aware of their fear that blocks their creativity, increase a sense of faith in the unknown, and release their resistance to change leading to a discovering a fun vibrant life and career filled with meaning.  

Illness: the Ultimate Reset Button

In this talk, Ginger shares how a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis at age 29 led to a complete reset of her perspective on suffering, partnership with body-mind-spirit, marriage, motherhood, and what it means to be healed. Ginger will teach and inspire your audience: 

  • How to communicate with your illness to find clarity and wisdom

  • The secret to release victimhood and find liberation from suffering

  • Why a new perspective on partnership with your body will change your health

  • How an awareness of your personal health barometer leads to healing

After this talk, participants will possess a new perspective on their illness and disease, shift from suffering to healing, be inspired to apply new approaches to healthy living, view their body as a resource of information, and discover a uniquely personal way to tune into communication between body, mind, and spirit.

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