Compassion Fix

Welcome! I’m Ginger and I want to share something with you….a way for you to find inner peace.

I struggled with a raging inner critic for four decades. I thought this mean voice was making me better, but I finally asked myself,

If I’m so successful, why am I so unhappy?

I went to work to find out….and the hunt for inner peace led me to creating the Compassion Fix for you, to find your soul’s voice and quiet the inner critic. Glad you are here!

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You too?

You don’t have to live with that self-abuse any longer. I developed the Compassion Fix to help both of us.

Here, you will learn why we tell ourselves these things, some practices to regain control of your thoughts, and conversation about theology - why you are worthy and have a purpose.

You have a soul, let’s go find it!

A Dose of Love for Your Soul

Get a weekly dose of love for your soul! Each week, you will be sent a new teaching and practice to increase self awareness, acceptance, and compassion.

If we all get kinder to ourselves, the world becomes kinder too!


Learn More

Read blog posts on mindfulness, self-compassion, our inner roommates, and forgiving ourselves. Find podcast episodes and research posted here too. Online classes are coming soon!


Begin Practicing

Find practices that resonate with you most and fill your toolbox with your favorites so that you are equipped to better love yourself and others!


Let’s Work Together

I loving coaching people individually and speaking to groups! Check here for upcoming events. I offer Soul Coaching, Spiritual Mentoring, Speaking, and Workshop Facilitation.

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You are a beautiful soul!

I believe you have a beautiful soul and I am here to help you believe it too!

I became aware of my inner critic soon after I had my first child. My self-doubt was at an all time high. I was aware of beating myself up, but I wasn’t aware of where the voice was coming from. In my business career, that voice fueled my success. Or so I thought.